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Great Laser Tag Party...
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Great Laser Tag Party...

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the GREAT Laser Tag party that we had for Jack on Saturday, Dec. 8th at Eastern Shore Lanes. Our party helper, Taylor, was so sweet and attentive. Several of the boys spilled drinks, cake, pizza, etc. She acted like it was no big deal to clean it up. Also, every time a new child would join our party, she would immediately take their gift to the gift cart, get them a drink and a slice of pizza. I'm so used to other places that don't do that. Even though it was a small gesture on her part, it made a huge difference to me. I was able to greet the other parents and interact with the party guests and really felt like I didn't have to lift a finger. And that's what it is all about! I was a group coordinator for many years at a major golf resort in Texas, so customer service means everything to me. Thank you for being so nice and attentive!

There is one suggestion I want to bring up. In my quest for the perfect party favor, I found that cool "laser tag" specific party favors can only be found online; that goes for bowling party favors too. That's all well and good if you are "that" person who always has everything together and has party favor bags made up weeks in advance. That, unfortunately, is not me. I really thought I would be able to go to the major party store chains and find great favors...I went to all of them and found nothing. I did find these great Laser Pops that are a sucker on one end and on the other end they shine a laser image on the cool right?! They were only about $20 for a box of 12 (which I would have paid)...did I mention the $35 to ship overnight so that we could get them on time? Needless to say, I DID NOT get the cool laser pops. I went with pop rocks and mini squirt guns instead. All of that just to say, it would be cool if you offered these for purchase for your customers. Just a thought...
 Thanks again for the fun laser tag party!

Alisen Wells
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