Grand Opening of new Bar & Grill September 29th!

Welcome to our new location! We have been, and still are family owned since 1959. We opened this beautiful new location in August 2008. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Lunch Specials

Sandwich Specials $7.99

Served everyday 11 am - 2 pm - Drink Included Add Ranch Fries $1.50

1/2 Shrimp Po-Boy, Cup of Gumbo & Chips  

Hand breaded fried shrimp on a po-boy bun with homemade cocktail sauce and lettuce.

Hot Melted Grilled Steak - um Sandwhich & Chips

Grilled steak, onions and bell peppers with melted Swiss Cheese.

Hand-Breaded Fried Fish Po-Boy & Chips

Hand breaded fried white fish with homemade tartar sauce &

Fried Catfish Basket

Fried Catfish Fries, and a dinner roll.

Sliders & Chips

Your Choice of 3 hamburgers or BBQ pork sliders served with chips.

Blue Plate Lunch Specials 7.99


Served everyday 11 am - 2pm Drink Included

Choose Your Entree, served with a dinner roll:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Hamburger Steak with Onions & Gravy
  • Fried Pork Chop
  • Pot Roast
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Choose 2 Sides
  • Black-eyed Peas
  • Green Beans
  • Corn Fritters
  • Fried Okra
  • Mashed Potato
  • Crinkle Cut Fries
  • Lunch Salads
  • Homemade Slaw
  • Sweet Potato Fries

Eat & Play Combo

Choose your dinner And your already a winner

Choose from these 4 items and get a $10 BONUS PLAY CARD  $10.99

Sunday - Thursday
Open to Close Friday & Saturday until 4 PM only.

Club & Crinkle Fries  

Cheeseburger & Crinkle Fries  

Chef Salad  

Catfish &Crinkle Fries  


Choose from these 3 items and get a $10 BONUS PLAY CARD $18.99


Sunday - Thursday
Open to Close Friday & Saturday until 4 PM only.

Fried Oyster Platter, Crinkle Fries, Hushpuppies, & Green Beans  

Steamed Shrimp Platter, Crinkle Fries, Hushpuppies, & Green Beans  

Fried Fish Platter, Crinkle Fries, Hushpuppies, & Green Beans  

Not valid with any other promotion or coupon – dine in ONLY. Not to be used in the snack bar.


Ahi Tuna & Avocado Stack $12.00

Sesame seared tuna, thin sliced and served with stacked avocado, tomato and cucumber. Drizzled with cusabi and teriyaki.

Cheeseburger Egg Rolls  $10.00

Crunchy eggrolls filled with hamburger and cheese. Garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. 

Cheese Sticks  $7.25

Lightly battered and fried to gooey perfection are served with our homemade ranch dressing

Nachos Supreme  $10.00

Fried tortilla chips topped with our house made chilli, nacho cheese, shredded Colby Jack cheesem lettuce, tomatoes, onions & jalapenos. Served with a side of Sour Cream. 

Fried Pickles  $7.25

Sliced, hand breaded & fried dill pickles served with homemade ranch dressing.

Wings  dozen $11.99 Bone in or Boneless 1/2 Lb $7.99

Please Specify Bone in or out. Mild, Hot, Honey BBQ Or Naked

BBQ Brisket Nachos  $12.99

Corn tortilla chips baked & topped with our beer braised & hickory smoked beer brisket, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, with all the fixings! Drizzled with Chipotle and BBQ sauce. Served with sour cream.

Gutter Balls $7.25

Breaded chicken bites stuffed with spicy cheese. 

Chicken Quesadilla $9.99

Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken and cheese with pico de gallo salsa. 

Soups / Salads

Blackened Chicken Caeser  $10.00

Blackened chicken breast over chopped romaine lettuce, tossed with our caeser dressing, parmesean cheese, and croutons. 

Taco Salad  $9.00

Chopped lettuce, tomatoes, onions & Shredded cheese topped with homemade Chili over a bed of nacho chips. 

House Salad  $5.00

Mixed greens with grated parmesan, tomatoes, croutons, and red onion. Served with your choice of dressing on the side.

Chef Salad  $8.50

Chopped ham & turkey, bacon bits, shredded Colby Jack cheese & a hard-broiled egg all over a bed of mixedd greens served with you choice of dressing.

Homemade Chili  $3.99 Cup $6.99 Bowl

Homemade Gumbo (Since 1960)  $3.99 Cup $6.99 Bowl


(served with choice of ranch fries, crinkle cut fries or raw veggies
Subustitute side $1.25 extra)

Alley 25 Classic Burger $8.25

1/4lb, hand patted burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on a soft bun. ADD CHEESE $.50

Alley 25 Bacon Cheeseburger $9.25

1/4lb, hand patted burger with 2 strips of Applewood smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion & pickles on a soft bun.

The Trash Burger  $9.75

Been on our menus since the 1980’S - lettuce tomato, bacon, cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms

Oyster Or Shrimp Po-Boy  $8.50

Your choice of deep friend hand breaded oysters or shrimp with lettuce, on a Po-boy bun. Sauce on the side.

BLT Sandwhich (or warp)  $7.29

Toasted wheat bread filled with bacon, lettuce, tomato served with mayo.

Morning Glory  $10.00

Fried Egg, Crisp Bacon, avocado, Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle Mayo

Club Sandwhich (or wrap)  $8.00

Sliced, hand breaded & fried dill pickle chips served with house made ranch dressing.

Joyce's Blazing Chicken  $7.99

Fried chicken tenders tossed in your choice of wing sauce, served on Texas Toast with lettuce, tomato, cheese and ranch dressing.

Chicken Supreme  $8.25

Chicken breast with bacon, Swiss Cheese, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing served on a Kaiser bun.


(choice of two sides)

The Shore Platter  $22.99

You better be hungry for this one! Fried oysters, shrimp, stuffed crab, fried fish & a cup of homemade gumbo

Shrimp Platter  $18.99

Fresh Gulf Shrimp piled high. Fried, grilled or steamed

Oyster Platter  $19.99

Deep fried Bon Secour select Gulf oysters

Steamed Shrimp  $15.99

Fresh Gulf Shrimp steamed & seasoned just right.

Fried Catfish Platter  $10.99

Fried catfish strips hand battered.


Side Salad
Baked Potato
Steamed Broccoli
Homemade Slaw
Sweet Potato Fries

Ranch Fries
Crinkle Fries
Green Beans
Raw Veggies


(Smaller portions for smaller people. Still delicious, because the children are our future. Served with fries or apple slices)

Chicken Strips $6.00

Breaded fried chicken breast tenders

Gimme Cheese Please  $6.00

Grilled sourdough, lightly seasoned and stuffed with melted American and house blend cheese - Gooey & delicious

The Mini's  $6.00

Two miniature burgers on tiny, adorable buns, topped with American cheese and pickle slices


Please ask to see our specialty drink menu and list of premium or import draft beer

Tea and Soft Drinks (Pepsi Products)


Bottle Domestic Beer
$3.75 / $4
Domestic Bottle: $3


Import Draft: $4.25 / $5
Imported Bottle: $4
$3.00 (& up)



House Wine: $5.50

Boutique Wine: $8.00

By the Bottle: $24 - $28


Wells: $4.75

Callls: $5.25


all seafood entrees served with hush puppies and 2 sides. side items for entrée’s: raw veggies cheese grits, baked potato green beans, homemade slaw steamed broccoli, wild rice pilaf ranch fries, crinkle cut fries

Shrimp Platter

fresh gulf shrimp perfectly fried and piled high

Oyster Platter

deep fried bon secour select oysters, harvested right here in south alabama

Fried Crab Claw Platter

hand breaded and deep fried. a southern delicacy

Fried Fish Platter

tilapia filets hand breaded and fried to golden brown

Shrimp Stir Fry

grilled shrimp with bell peppers, onion & squash served on a bed of rice pilaf

Our Famous Burgers

Served with your choice of ranch fries, crinkle cut fries or fresh veggies. all burgers are ¼ lb. - served w/lettuce, tomato, pickles, & onions, sauces on the side. all hamburgers are cooked well done unless otherwise specified



Bacon Cheeseburger




Cheese & Mushroom Burger


Famous “Captain’s Choice” Trash Burger



Cheese Pizza 16"


Sausage Pizza 16"


Pepperoni Pizza 16"


Pizza By The Slice


Extra Toppings


*Parties of 8 or more will be charged 18% gratuity*


Lava Cake

chocolate cake with hot fudge oozing out of the center

Fried Cheese Cake
Drizzled With Caramel Pecan Sauce


Ice Cream

vanilla, chocolate or strawberry cups of ice cream (ask your server today what flavors we have)


3 cookies of your choice. choose from peanut butter, chocolate chip or white macadamia